James Choice & The Bad Decisions EP
Artwork, Layout & Typography | 2013/2016

Puddel, a.k.a. James Choice released a self titled, self recorded album back in 2012. I really loved it and created a design for that album as part of my bachelor project in 2013. Puddel liked the cover artwork and it ended up on t-shirts, bags and stickers but it never got released in conjunction with the music. Since then Puddel got an amazing full band to tour and record with. So when they decided to record some songs of that album with the full band, and release them as an EP to support their upcoming tour, I was really happy when they asked me to create a layout using the illustrations from my bachelor project.
So well, here it is.

Listen & grab a copy at jameschoice.bandcamp.com
Below are some shots of the original vinyl layouts i did for my bachelor project:
Thanks for watching.

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